Community Involvement

At J. D’Amico we are extreme advocates of taking personal responsibility for our community by donating time, resources, and funding to worthy causes—especially regarding the futures of our youth.


“We don’t just write a check, we bring a check and show up to help, and that’s worth a million dollars. Kids look up to the people that care about them. You become a positive influence on their life. To make a difference in society you have show it—and show up!”

~Jim D’Amico


J. D’Amico is an avid supporter and donor of the Disabled American Veterans and the Boy Scouts of America. We contribute to the Old Colony Council to help improve summer camp facilities, as well as volunteering with local troupes.


In addition, J. D’Amico is a resource for boy scouts going through the process of their Eagle project. In order to earn the ranking of an Eagle Scout, candidates must get all of their merit badges and complete a project in the public sector that leaves a lasting imprint and improves the quality of life of the citizens in their community.


One such candidate spearheaded a project building an outdoor classroom, contracting J D’Amico to help implement his plans. We sent an excavator to the site, cleared the land and built a small amphitheater to seat 40, with a teacher’s podium at the head. These projects are a way for young men to exhibit leadership by managing a group, learning the system to acquire proper permits, and working within the community to complete their task.


The amphitheater is used today by Science teachers demonstrating the study of plants and animal life, English teachers as a forum for poetry readings, and other classrooms wanting to enjoy the great outdoors in an outlet that allows the creative mind to wander.


Jim D’Amico’s oldest son, James, earned his status as an Eagle Scout, which begins about age 11 and must come to fruition by the age of 17. Only one in 100 scouts complete the process to earn their Eagle status.


Jim’s youngest, Christopher, has already started implementing his project plans. In the past year, J. D’Amico’s completed the rehabilitation of a dam originally built by Paul Revere. Christopher plans to refurbish the Gate House building of that dam as an important part of improving the aesthetics of a historical landmark.


Jim D’Amico is an adult Boy Scout who donates his time as a Cub Scout Leader, Assistant Master, and has mentored five boy scouts into becoming Eagles.


Anthony donates his time and resources to youth hockey programs, and Jim Baker coaches youth football and officiates football games at high school and college levels.


The staff of J. D’Amico’s live by the values set forth by the Boy Scouts of America: trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, brave, clean, and reverent.


“If you think about it, wouldn’t you want everyone that you do business with to adhere to those standards? Wouldn’t you want someone to be courteous and friendly? Wouldn’t you want to work with someone who is trustworthy, loyal and kind? These are all important tools in life, and to get through life as a good citizen and good human being, you’d better know these rules.”

~Jim D’Amico