Fischer St. Bridge for Mass. DOT. Tranton, MA

Precast box beam bridge over river and full road reconstruction.
Sewer Rehab, Brockton, MA

20'+ deep shored excavation over existing brick sewer system.

Jefferson St. Sewer Lift Station, Braintree, MA
Submersible pump station and control cabinet.
Dam rehab, Dover, MA
Spillway and site resoration.

MIT Lincoln Labs, Bedford, MA

Direct Bury Steam and Condensate line.

 MIT Lincoln Labs, Bedford, MA
Direct Bury Steam and Condensate lines.

MWRA Water Main, Brookline, MA

MWRA Water Main Replacement. On rt. 9 in Brookline, MA., installing 36’’x24” Tee and 24” gate valve.

 Sewer Lift Station, Blackstone, MA
Steel sheeting system.

MWRA Water Main Replacement, Waltham, MA

Over MBCR Bridge Abutments.

Dam Improvements, Acton, MA

Dam Core Rehabilitation.


Sea Wall Repair, Boston MA

Ryan Playground Seawall Repairs Along Mystic River

Coes Dam, Worchester, MA

Dam Rehabilitation, Soil Remediation, Spillway and Pedestrian Bridge.


Sewer Lift Station, Stoughton, MA

25’ deep shored excavation for precast wetwell.

Sewer Lift Station, Hanscom AFB

Complete gut and replace new pumps, valves, piping and controls. Bypass while offline.


Steam & Condensate, Hanscom AFB

New piping and insulation within concrete trenches.

Dam Rehab, Canton, MA

Steel sheet cut-off wall and concrete cap with rip-rap slope embankment.

MWRA Slipline, Brookline, MA

Sliplining new 48” steel pipe into existing 54” cast iron water main.

MWRA Slipline, Brookline, MA

24” manwayon 48" pipeline for access.

MWRA Watermain Replacement Arlington, MA

M.W.R.A. Watermain Replacement Arlington, MA. along Massachusett Ave. We are less than 4’ away from active storefronts. Built a temporary pedestrian bridge to accommodate local businesses. 54" watermain and 54" butterfly valve installation.

MWRA Watermain Replacement Arlington, MA
54" watermain, shored excavation under sidewalk on Massachusetts Ave.